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Claws (The little gecko)

Barny (the dog who likes to swim)

Lilly ( The wild dog)

Jade (the green cat)

lucy (the sheep with bushy soft hair)

Richie (the axolotl)

oakly (the cat who is not the smartest)

I was A normal guy living a normal life, sunny blinding day but the lizards and scorpions come to play.
I live in a hot area you see and I hate reptiles and bugs.
So I open the door on a hot day then a gecko was in my path, That horrible bumpy skin, That red tongue liking its eyeball and black spots and stripes.
I tried walking around it carefully. But a little spider came down my face my heart started thumping, my legs went weak and my hand trembled. I swiped the thing off my face and ran inside. I lied  in bed and wondered "Why Im a scared of spiders and snakes I live in a tropical country with a dessert coverd in sand and rocks scatterd around the place, I just wonder if it can go" Then I must of fell asleep.

It was one in the morning and I  woke up with a Shadowy figure of a gecko on the ceiling. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen in shock and fear, I went to get a drink of water then I noticed A Shine like on a nice summers day one in the morning? so I unlocked the door went outside locked the door and went to the glow. I saw the glow led to a forest I was curious so I put  My arm in It was ok so I wondered in.

"The thing" That brought me here was gone I whispered under my breath "I hope there's nice people."
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After quite a fall Bush found himself covered in bright red scars with small amount of rough but round gavel in them.But in front of Bush was M.Y just standing there staring at him with a dead look on his face,Bush froze in shock "Snooping around these forests I see" replied M.Y in a rough tone "You are not doing stuff against our rules... Rule J. do not attack others or A. do not kill any one who's not a threat... Now scurry off." Mentioned M.Y for no reason he did not ask like he was doing something.So Bush went in the woods to find his human.Bush felt sinful but brushed it off as anxiety betting its Further in the forest with trees with a green or red moss for leaves and a green,red and brown Mossy floor.

Bush may of found where the human was but nobody was there a little stick shelter with a pile of grey ash for a fire and bones where he ate meat,but sun was setting.Back in the city Bush thought what humans where like where they came from whyare they invading and causing a war Bush thought that much he fell asleep.

Next morning Bush woke up and went to see Navy and the others "WHO STOLE MY TRANSLATOR!" Yelled N.Y Bush felt overwhelmed "Who cares its useless any way, a useless gadget" Talked N.Y walking out then Navy walked  to Bush. "Im busy" replied Navy. Bush got driven back to the island to the forest He ran to The spot where the stick shelter was.Just the same as last time excepted the ash blew away and the bones where mostly gone.Bush decided it was a Hallucination due to the ghostly area hes been in the last 3 days.

A week later Bush and N.Y went on a ship due to get tested on.They where in orbit and where going well..Until the human came out. "My good ness a human" said multiple after each other. Every one was ready to shoot with the human making his prayers and hoping for peace.But Bush had other plans he jumped out and saved him Until they resized it was a escape shuttle and got blasted down back on to the planet.

"Thank you you saved my life...My name is Chris a Canadian solider in training ." mentioned Chris.

I tried to reply But i just made a moan."Whats going on my voice I should of told him "right." but... My translator..." "was gone."

Zolarz logo by RulingGecko

Many years after humans abandoned earth and little in the solar system due to population a planet called E_4 that looks like Earth and with a bright pale white ring like Saturn Is a alien race people call "Elizgator".They are called that because They come in blues with black tiger like stripes,plain greens and oranges and other colours like lizzards, sharp teeth like alligators on skulls like a T rex in gaping mouths and a lizzard like body.But they call themselves lacerta.

Mean while in late noon at erta city three lacerta come out of a military vehicle two with a helmet with horns like cats ears, one big as a tiger with green scales with sharp teeth said earlier.

The other slightly bigger than the other one with its face well hidden away.

[image coming soon]

the other with a white helmet with red triangles stretched out from the eyes but they have a plastic like material over the eyes.

[image coming soon]

they all take their helmets off because they have weapons tucked in side hidden away such as a sharp knife like blade that's looks like a rhino's horn.
Also with guns with make a loud noise sounding like loads of steel chains slamming constantly.The green one called Bush asked why M.Y (the one with a hidden face) always wears a green blaclava with a stitched up mouth. Navy replied (the one with a unique helmet with red) "He thinks he ugly he's different I feel sorry. I've seen before you dont want to know..." relied Navy with a strait serious face looking onward at M.Y with a guilt in his heart.

As they walked out of the Military changing with their bulkey black and white click on armour but Navys with a red bottom at his under belly.

"Want a drink and something to eat and drink?" questioned Navy with a purple light shining on his blue face. "No thank you. Id rather drink in private in a dark lonely room in a dark moss forest..." Answered M.Y with a ruff masculine gentle voice looking away at the buildings from Navy and Bush. "OK odd thing... Yes please Navy" with a slight ly odd looking face.

 [image coming soon]

At the bar with a blue glow from the lights looking like a night light for pet reptiles Navy and Bush walk over while M.Y walks to a corner."Two please. I'm scared of the future with a war between with Uprights and lacerta's...
We won against the hacertas what ever their called. I dont mind what happens to me only you,M.Y and others..." Mentioned Navy with a shaddowed out face "Here its 1tom" said the bar tender serving a fizzy beverage whith Navy sliding flat slices of Jet with a symbol on.

Next morning
Bush was curious About M.Y and spy's he gets a close peak bus diddent have the heart all he saw was a grey or blue,silver skin. So they where ready for military and went for a search for upright civilisation on a island full of moss like trees.But Bush,Navy and M.Y and Bush came to a recently new buildings but looked empty Dead and ghostly like someone been around recently and scared every one. But a upright came out a flat face, blue eyes ,scared arms, and standing upright but He ran off in fear like he is running from some one, in a building behind me that is pitch black was M.Y Him or She was just watching."Why where you there?!" terrifyingly asked Bush they was no answer Navy came and searched out the area no Uprights but items like jewellery,technology and food they looked like they where in a rush.

Bush wondered of to the woods to find the upright Bush found him washing his black spiky hair kneeling down Bush went up to him but hte upright shouted "NO NO A LACERTA dont kill me!"

I understood what it said but he did not understand what I said I must of said grunt growls and roars he ran away in fear.

2 hours later Bush asked Navy about uprights "They call them selves Humans
we call them that because they call us one of their Doo dah name. learn more in the great learning." said Navy

So I went looking around and I Found a spare Translator Thats M.Y's so I attached it to my helmet so I learned some more about Up-Humans.

But Bush slipped and tumbled down a rocky hill.

To be continued
Making a series if fun and this id like to make a short series called "talking about" that talks about problems like internet drama and hate,tips like how to stuff like how to like stuff or avoid scams. (NOTE SOME MAY NOT HAPPEN LIKE SOME SERIES LIKE ANIMAL DIEMENTIONS AND EXTINCT ANIMALS)

1 Plan it out
To plan it out you need to think about characters.setting,time and places.
For characters flesh them out make sure they have weaknesses and strengths,No out of place backstorys, like able and design based on personality.

2 Write a story
Make sure nothing go's to quick or all happens at once because it will make no sense and dont make unnecessary plot twists and cliffhangers and dont let everything be a mystery.

3.check it
because to see somethings not right and fix it.

the rest may be posted soon :) 

All the people here i met are nice and the 44 followers :star: :star: Thanks every one who followed appreciate it :star: :star:. Nice people make everything better instead of nasty people who dont care and make everything trash :bonk: :lol:.

Also these people I meet that are not my watchers are good people too Q&A's
or just positive comments i made, everyone knows with civil people they are sappy ones dont worry i haven't meet any of those :lol: even if i do they wouldn't be very much to say :D so thank you all the nice people and be nice to other so you will be super awesome and thank you. :D :D :D

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Now there is not realy much rules about liking stuff, long as your not hurting any one :bonk:. You can like anything you want Animals,Technology,clothes and more. :teevee:

All you need to do is like something. (I'd like to talk about hate note you can hate but just ignore it, it will go away eventually So its just nothing hate.Hate also makes no sense so if you show your hate better not because you can seriously upset some one, you wouldn't hurt your best friend why some one else. :-?) Back to fandoms you can find friends awesome people i be leave by this. One thing people can get to far and fight over opinions when you have the right of your own so don't fight pls. :( :B

wrong demographic (this it ok)
So lets say your male but like the colour pink and scared other male friends because its for females dont worry. (if you have this problem its ok you have the right to enjoy something thats not your demographic gender so dont worry ;)) Back to fear its ok to like whats not your demographic you are you.

Patience (Part 1)
Lets say you collect fossils you have a shark tooth,fly in amber but missing the fossil leaf, you look online and they cost like $50 so you wait to go to that gift shop at the museum, But busy at work, have a younger rude 5 year old cousin and there a fussy eater to babysit and fix your walkway.
This is ok waiting for a new episode watch a old one or a new show :teevee:.
Or that leaf fossil but its $50 why not look for something else.

Thats all all i can write I may or may not release part 2 so lets see what the future holds so see ya later :lol: ;)

V note this image belongs to me

This will probably work for cartoon style art so yeah its ok to get help though so thats whats this is for.

1.simplify/There is nothing wrong with simplifying what your drawing. "I dont draw humans with very human features."

2.Think "This will help with theming and character design and get ideas from everyday stuff as well and the world around you."

3.Don't worry."Because theres nothing to worry about and be brave and try new things if you want :D."

4.Practise."It will help with styles and struggling less to stuff like drawing cars."

5.Do what makes you happy."Draw with your favourite music on or watch a video or go outside even if you draw if you want."

You don't have to do these its just to help others but whats important have fun and be happy. :D :D :D
1>Being nice (It's good to be nice to others because it makes others happy and it will make you happy too.)

2>Being supportive (Its the same reason as on the top.0

3>Effort (Because it shows a lot of work that others did and its makes a nice picture. TIP! Practice and checking your work makes better and learning too from others or your self is good for you as well (because drawing a super detailed car it hard in my opinion.)

4>Being happy and their selfs (Because it's realy nice to see others happy and enjoying this place, being your self is good if your not hurting any one.

So I hope you enjoyed this list and try some of these too have a nice day.
I thought a challenge right and if your answer is right you Windows

Do geckos do to their eyes

A. gouge them ew

B. put eye drops in them

C. lick them ew

D. Roll them


1 summit idea I'll draw (This has rules 1. no rude ideas 2. No offensive ideas 3. No toutchey ones)

2 a a drawing of your oc

3 a free oc!

Have fun and put your answers in the comments :D